We can work together to build new custom experiences for millions of Android users.


Smart Launcher

An established brand with over 60 millions downloads and a love for quality, proud of its passionate and engaged community.


Tailor Made Design

We help device manufacturers and companies searching for an Android platform, offering a solid solution and our top tier technology.

From customized page designs to tailor made launcher contract.

Modular Page System

Our exclusive modular architecture makes our solution incredibly flexible.

New functionalities are easy to integrate.

Every business ask for different requirements, so we design customized solutions, understanding your needs and potentiality.


Some basic approaches we follow when we work on a project.

User come first on everything.

We design products with the people in mind. Only solutions which improve the user experience become part of Smart Launcher.

First class quality.

The experience we deliver marks the difference with any other Android based product.

Beauty needs iterations.

Iterating is the key to reach aesthetical and technical beauty.